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At Vejon Health, we want to improve the resilience and quality of life of current and future generations by improving the understanding and management of complex diseases. We take a unique approach to medical research, and focus on identifying the primary cause of diseases such as COVID-19.

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Unique offering – We break down complex topics and bring multiple disciplines together to provide a broad understanding of disease.
Boost your knowledge – Learn about which groups are vulnerable to disease, patterns of disease, and much more.
Empower yourself – An improved understanding helps to increase confidence and reduce anxiety. Knowledge is power!

Our Approach

We apply the fundamentals of pathology and physiology to understand disease

Globally Oriented

Our in depth research is supplemented by insights from international experts for broader and deeper our course content

For Your Health

A improved understanding leads to better health outcomes.

Expert knowledge

Dr. Philip McMillan is a physician in the UK, with over 20 years of medical expertise. For over a year, he has conducted research to improve the understanding of COVID-19. In April 2020, he proposed that severe disease is an immune response triggered by the virus. Since then he has co-authored and published two papers outlining the theory of autoimmunity in COVID-19 and providing a comprehensive explanation of the associated symptoms.

Dr. McMillan is also an international keynote speaker on dementia, having presented at conferences in Singapore, Japan, Italy, Ireland, UK, Canada and China. He recently proposed a breakthrough theory on the pathology of dementia, and has developed deep insights into brain function and strategies to protect memory.
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"Philip, thank you so much for the incredibly informative interview with Robert Malone. I had to watch several times as it's pretty technical in parts but got so much out of it. I am your biggest fan. I hope YouTube won't remove it, they tend to not like these kind of narratives. I have shared the video with my closed family and friends. Thank you."
Zuzana Morris
"Philip, a priceless observation. Thank you for your contributions. You are a true clinician and scientist. You demonstrate a sense of curiosity and fascination in combination with wisdom born of experience. We need more like you in high leadership positions. I count you as one of my best Teachers and recommend my friends and colleagues follow you…"
Vincent Stanger
"Philip McMillan also a COVID giant. He has his own contributions, autoimminity concerns being just one that we will face down the road. So gracious  and skilled at integrating points of view. Keep this up as the "COVID Giants" series, bring on other giants in this global town hall of scientists and clinicians."
Betsy McDonel Herr, Phd
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